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Rapid detox treatment with more than 10 years of experience is a hospital procedure to rapid detoxify the body from those drugs that cause prescription medication addiction or opiate dependency, while under anesthesia and supervised doctor's care.

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Rapid Detox Treatment

The First Choice of Rapid Detoxification Treatment

You could live a truly drug free life with the drug detox treatment. Having first brought the Method into North America ten years ago we have continued to provide the highest level of service possible. We differ from other rapid detox treatment methods in a number of important ways. The real difference is our safety and success.

Some rapid detox centers rely on the prescribing of Suboxone as an opiate replacement. Suboxone, however, is an opiate itself and with extended use it can be as highly addictive as any other opiate. The Method is completely opiate free, so our patients don't replace one dependency with another when they use our treatment. In contrast, the Method is an opiate free treatment method that has been used to successfully treat thousands of patients for almost a decade. The Method relies on board certified anesthesiologists within the OR of full service hospitals, so that if any medical assistance is required it is immediately on hand.

Whether you are addicted to opiates prescribed by your physician, or you have become addicted to the Suboxone that sub-standard services rely on, we can help. The Method has successfully treated patients that have been let down or even had their problems worsened by other detox programs. That is one f the reasons we are the most successful rapid detox center you can rely on.

Combating Opiate Addiction

Opiate Dependency (addiction) is a very different form of drug addiction that affects people from every conceivable walk of life. Bankers, architects,mothers, and even doctors can become dependent on the use of opiate based substances; many of which are fully prescribed by a physician to help in the combat of pain or disease. However, where opiate dependency does not differ from addiction to other drugs is the damage it can do to sufferers; chemically, physically and mentally.

Making The Right Choice

The Method is a powerful method, scientifically proven to significantly increase the patient's chance of leading a drug free life. It not only concentrates on beating the addiction itself, but when performed by our medically trained Board certified Anesthesiologists and pain specialists experts, it helps to identify and overcome the physical symptoms of opiate dependency. When considering any detox plan, and especially when looking for a rapid detox plan, it is imperative that the patient considers only reputable facilities manned by fully trained and experienced staff.

The Treatment Facility

The carefully planned Method is performed in an Specialized Unit in a DNV (Det Norske Veritas) accredited full service hospital. This provides our patients the safety and recourse to ensure patients well being and success

Professional, Ongoing Care

Opiates are known to cause serious physical damage if taken in excess over an extended period of time. The Method has been developed with this in mind, and each detoxification plan is uniquely tailored to match the individual requirements of the patient. By being admitted to hospital 24to 48hrs hours before the procedure, patients can be assessed and monitored, with an accurate and effective detox plan being established on the back of these assessments. Similarly, once the procedure is complete, patients are kept in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit for 24 hours in order that fully trained medical staff are on hand, should the need arise. It is imperative for the safety and well being of the patient that they remain in the hospital for 24 to 48hrs following the procedure to ensure heart rate, blood pressure and other physical changes remain at a healthy and expected level.

Beyond Detox

The Technique is unique because the care provided does not end at the door of the OR. All patients are offered counseling, provided by a therapist fully trained in the field of drug rehabilitation. All patients are offered counseling, provided by a therapist fully trained in the field of drug rehabilitation. All patients are also referred to our licensed Psychiatrist for weekly follow up care for the first 30 days.

Dispelling The Rapid Detox Myths

Rapid detox plans have received some bad press regarding the potential dangers of the treatment. This press stems directly from programs that attempt to cut corners and reduce the detox time. The Method, on the other hand, combines effective and fast detox techniques with a carefully tailored solution that is ideal to the needs of the individual patient. This is the safest approach to rapid detoxification, and our success rate is testament to this fact. The Method has successfully treated thousands of patients without any unnecessary complications or after effects from the treatment. The Method is the right choice for a drug free life.

Recently the Method launched two unique and helpful Web sites which include news from the industry, patient experiences and letters, and interactive discussion boards on the different detoxifications procedures. This is designed to allow potential patients to obtain free information on getting help for their dependency to opiates while remaining anonymous. Please view our websites at Drug Addiction Rapid Detox Forums and Rapid Detox Blog.

Treatment Without Judgment

People suffering from opiate addiction or dependency are not the stereotypical "drug addicts" that traditional drug rehabs has lead us to believe. This disease afflicts people from all walks of life, regardless of social or economic status - from athletes to stockbrokers, entertainers to homemakers, students to skilled laborers.

We are here to help you 7 days a week. We receive thousands of patients from all over the world because we are the proven leaders in Detox Under Anesthesia (Rapid Detox) with the highest success rate in the industry. If you or someone you know is suffering from a dependency to heroin, as well as an addiction to prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, MS Contin Suboxone , Methadone, Vicodin, Darvocet, Percocet, hydrocodone, Tramadol or any other opioid, our specially trained staff is ready to provide a no-risk, no-obligation.

Following treatment, the patient is able to reclaim his or her life - free from a debilitating physical dependency and free to move forward towards a more positive future.